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It is important to leave a toxic environment

The last time I checked the definition of 'toxic', it means poisonous, which is a substance that can cause or be capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body.

So anything that is toxic is bad for you. Toxic relationships, toxic plants. Stay away from them.

There is also such a thing known as the toxic work culture.

I have to agree that stress is necessary for growth and learning and if you are not stressed, you are not becoming better. And tired is normal after a long day of work. 

But I think there must still be a limit to it. 

A toxic environment is one that harms your physical health by overworking and mental health by constant exposure to negativity. We are more easily influenced by the environment that we thought we are. It also hinders your opportunity to develop your career unless you participate in the right clique of office politics and belittles you making you lose confidence in yourself to get a better position.

But the bottom line is if your work is damaging your health and increasing the friction in your personal relationship, or if you don't feel that you are having any support to pursue the kind of career that you want, you may want to consider casting your net and search for another job.

And don't ever feel that you are not strong enough or don't have the grit to pull through the difficulties or hardships in the company. Everyone deserves a better opportunity

Many foreigners left their home countries to study or work in Singapore, and they may eventually settle down here and start a family, use Singapore as a step board to hop to a more developed country, or retire to their home country to reunite with their family.

Even our ancestors came to this land and decided to settle here because they think this is what is best for them.

Everyone is moving around the world in the pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families

It is alright to search for a better place.

And it is also fine if you choose to stay in it, but bear in mind that the only way to survive in a toxic pool is to be the poison yourself.


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